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you're using the old signal slot syntax, therefore are you sure that inside your header the function @Rahul.k said in QObject::connect: No such slot Widget::on_lineEdit_textEdited():. on_lineEdit_textEdited. is in the slots section and not just public or private? Object::connect: No such slot QApplication::MYSLOT() | Qt ... Well, I've searched this many times in Google, and still I can't solve it, so I ask for some help. I've seen the documentation, and I think this is the way to declare a custom slot: My H file: @ #ifndef ACTIVIDADESTIC_H #define ACTIVIDADESTIC_H #include ... QObject::connect: No such slot error | Qt Forum

Additionally, you can connect a signal to a slot of less arity, not the vice versa; here, QObject would not simply know what should be substituted for slot's arguments. You can use the overload of connect that accepts an arbitrary Functor (an anonymous closure, most likely) as slot:

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QObject::connect: No such slot TestApp::run() in ... QQmlEngine: Illegal attempt to connect to TestApp(0x29cfb8) that is in a different thread than the QML engine QQmlEngine(0x2f3e0f8). #9865 (Qt WARNING: Object::connect: No such signal ... I did and I just did not expect that you refered to: replacing 4.1.6. I notice that the subminor version number changed. And that Gentoo Linux is not picking this up.

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For example, Qt uses indexOfMethod() internally when you connect a signal to a slot. Porting from Qt WebKit to Qt WebEngine | Qt WebEngine 5.12.3 QNetworkAccessManager qnam; QWebPage page; page .setNetworkAccessManager( &qnam); connect( &qnam , Signal(authenticationRequired( QNetworkReply * , QAuthenticator *)) , this , SLOT(authenticate( QNetworkReply * , QAuthenticator *))) QMenuBar Class | Qt Widgets 5.12.2 The default is to follow whether the Qt::AA_DontUseNativeMenuBar attribute is set for the application. Explicitly setting this property overrides the presence (or absence) of the attribute. The QtWebKit Bridge | Qt 4.8