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poker players is that at the lower lim-its, bluffing is usually a complete waste of time and money. You can only bluff a reasonably savvy player, one capable of putting you on a hand and making a "good" laydown. When great players collide, howev-er, the bluff becomes one of the most dangerous and exciting weapons in the poker arsenal. Or as ...

If you love poker, then you will love PokerTube. The world's largest Poker Media website has everything you need to follow the games that matter to you. With over 20,000 videos available covering a wide variety of live and online games, Pokertube is a priceless resource for enthusiasts and professionals alike. All About Bluff - The “Wazir” Of Poker - Bluff is one of the most widely prevalent poker strategies and a very strong one indeed. It can be really difficult to recognize a bluff but there are few hacks by which you can catch a bluff in a ... The Best Time to Bluff | Flop Turn River In my last post, I talked about why bluffing is such an integral part of poker. In this post I want to focus on what conditions we need to make a bluff successful. Anyone who has played poker for a decent amount of time has had a bluff blow up in their face. However, almost every time I play ...

Learning how to bluff in poker is critical to beating PLO. Watch this video now to discover one of the best bluffs in poker.

Poker Bluffing Tips. By Greg Walker. Without the bluff, poker would not be poker; it is the ultimate deception. One of the greatest feelings you can get from poker derives from taking down a huge pot that your opponent should have won. Bluffing at Texas Hold'em Poker | When To Bluff In Poker Bluffing at Texas Hold'Em poker is art which must be perfected before use. If you try bluffing in Texas Hold Em poker at the wrong time, you will get caught. Learn when to bluff in poker right here.

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Bluffing in Poker - Optimal Bluff Strategy Bluffing in Poker - Proper Strategy. Bluffing and bluff strategy is one of the hardest but most fundamental parts of poker. Without a doubt, if you do not bluff in poker, there is no way you can be a successful poker player. That being said, bluffing is no small task, as it requires good poker sense, timing and guts to pull it off.

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